There's no denying that spending money on yourself can make you feel great. Nowadays, women don't need an excuse to splurge on something like jewelry. 

Treating yourself to trending jewelry is a beautiful way to add to your collection, boost your confidence, and feel great.

Jewelry trends constantly come and go. Whether it's trendy pieces you're after or reliable classics, jewelry brands are out there for every taste. 

This list is for you if you're looking to buy some new jewelry this year. Read on to learn about some of the hottest jewelry brands you'll love in 2023. 


If you love classic pieces that are high quality and sustainable at the same time, Mejuri might be one of your favorite trending jewelry brands. 

This brand specializes in crafting understated jewelry you'll want to wear your whole life. They carry everything you're looking for, from rings and necklaces to charms and single earrings.

There's also a men's line. Choose rings, necklaces, and pendants for the fashionable men in your life. They even sell pet tags and jewelry care kits, making them a one-stop shop for beautiful jewelry. 

Best of all, Mejuri has partnered with various organizations to support and empower underrepresented women and non-binary people since 2020.

These funds aim to give them the tools and resources needed to reach their goals on their terms. 


Swarovski has been adorning women with beautiful jewelry since 1895. It has been one of the top modern, popular jewelry brands thanks to celebrities and influencers always being spotted wearing their creations.

Stars like Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, and Michelle Obama have all been wearing the brand, among many others. So you're bound to see stars shining in Swarovski crystals on nearly any red carpet in Hollywood.  

The great news is this jewelry isn't just for the stars! Their classic, newer, more colorful collections look equally great on everyone and add a special touch to any outfit.

Whether you're celebrating something special or want to add a touch of glam to an everyday outfit, you can never go wrong with something from Swarovski. 

Presley Oldham

Does this designer's name sound familiar to you? If it does, it's because he's the nephew of revered fashion designer Todd Oldham. An eye for beauty runs in the family.

Presley's handmade creations are stunning and unique enough that the designer has managed to forge his successful path in the jewelry world.

If you love pearls, you'll love his pieces. Choose from options like long pearl cluster earrings, pearl "starburst" necklaces, and colorful strings of pearl necklaces. 

Some of his best jewelry pieces include stunning pearls of every color and size and antique beads. His collections feel fresh and youthful while maintaining a chic and understated tone.  


Part of the fun of buying jewelry is trying styles that are interesting and fresh, which is precisely what you'll find at LUV AJ. 

This brand has its finger on the pulse when creating jewelry that melds modern trends with classic ones.

Their hoop earrings are especially noteworthy and feature encrusted jewels and fun, chunky shapes you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. In addition, they feature heart shapes, crosses, links, and more.

Not in the mood for earrings? No problem; check out their line of skinny chain necklaces or timepiece bracelets. 

The best part of finding something you love at LUV AJ is that they're affordable!  

8 Other Reasons

If you love choosing jewelry that's as bold and unique as you while staying affordable, you'll want to browse through what 8 Other Reasons has to offer. 

This jewelry brand loves to bring bright colors, big jewels, and unique shapes together to create visually stunning pieces that will help you stand out in a crowd. 

They're loved by celebrities and influencers who keep their finger on the pulse of all the latest, trendiest pieces. They even collaborated on a collection with Olivia Rodrigo in 2021. 

You can expect dramatic duster earrings, a square-cut gold choker, and stackable bracelets and rings.

While they're known for their jewelry, they also carry many other accessories like hats, purses, belts, and AirPods cases. 

Valeria Custom Jewelry

This brand is perfect if you love owning fine jewelry that is unique to you and can't be found anywhere else. Valeria Custom Jewelry specializes in making customized pieces the way you want them.  

Create your own custom jewelry for special occasions and weddings, or design your engagement rings to make your proposal extra special.

They'll even take your old, unwanted jewelry and turn it into a new, beautiful piece you love. 

This jewelry is also perfect for exceptional gifts that include names that are hard to spell or unique messages for yourself or a loved one. 

First, browse through their gorgeous selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and pins. Once you find the piece just for you, the brand will work with you to customize your piece to your specifications. 

You can make changes like stone selection, shape changes, and what kind of metal you prefer.  

Find Trending Jewelry and More

Jewelry can boost your mood and complete your outfit, so you can buy the pieces you find and love. Now you know some trending jewelry brands to splurge on in 2023. 

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