Are you working in an environment where it's difficult to get people together?

Lunch meetings are normally used by companies to test the projects of other employees, find out what's happening in other work areas, and share ideas that can help make meetings more productive. But if meetings are few and far between because of the pandemic, it can stop workflows in their tracks.

How can you make work lunch meetings more efficient, enjoyable, and productive?

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your corporate team engaged and having fun at work. Keep on reading to learn more!

Brainstorming Games for Effective Lunch Meetings

Some possible games include having everyone write down an idea that could potentially improve the organization. Have a timed brainstorming session where each person has to come up with 3 new ideas in 1 minute, or a game of “weird word association.”

The word association game requires each person in the meeting to come up with one word that might link to the topic, then the person to the left continues and builds upon the chain. This game can help to bring out more ideas that people might not have thought of. Brainstorming games can be a great way to liven up boring lunch meetings and also help everyone become more productive.

Jazz Up Your Lunch Meetings with Decorations

You can choose a design theme, such as a beach or cultural theme, or simply purchase decorations that coordinate with your company's logo and colors. Streamers, centerpieces, balloons, plants, and table covers can easily transform a plain meeting room into something special.

Music is also a great way to jazz up the atmosphere in a business lunch meeting. The addition of a live musical performance or background music can help your guests relax and have a fun, enjoyable time. 

Mix and Match Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Corporate lunch meetings can be a great way to get people together while trying out new and tasty treats. By specifying that interested parties must bring something healthy yet delicious, attendees can have a more enjoyable experience.

For those that do not have the time to make their dish, a great solution is to hire the best lunch caterers in the area. This can include vegan options, low-carb dishes, and even salads. Caterers are also able to help customize a menu to everyone’s tastes.

Engaging Discussion Ideas for Lunch Meetings

Some fun, interactive discussions could include having each employee bring something related to their hobbies to discuss, such as a movie they recently watched, a book they're reading, or a new recipe they created. Additionally, debate-style conversations can also be fun. Assign positions, such as for and against, regarding topics related to current news events, or debated topics such as “Social Media: Pros and Cons”. 

Spice up Your Work Lunch Meetings Using This Guide

Work lunch meetings can be more than just boring, mundane affairs. Try implementing one of these ideas today to make your next work lunch meeting more fun, collaborative, and interactive. You'll be surprised by how much more enjoyable and productive your next work lunch can be!

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