It's hard to define art as a career field. You hear about the typical types of art with painting and sculpting, but many people fail to realize how many different types of art there are. That means there are plenty of options for anyone wanting to be creative.

Even though you hear a lot about why becoming an artist isn't a good career choice, that isn't the truth. Keep reading to learn how to become an artist and find artist jobs as a career.

Pick Your Type of Art

There are many types of art out there. If you want to be creative and sell your work, you can get good at painting and other art forms. From there, you'll try to sell your work to individuals and shows.

However, you can also go the route of becoming a professional for other companies. These are fields like graphic design, where you create digital art for the web, movies, and books.

Get Training

You can learn art on your own. There are many free training materials online and plenty of programs available for the digital crowd. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't look for help where you can.

Learning from an expert can quickly jump-start your artistic abilities. Try to find a mentor to learn from and use their knowledge to refine your abilities.

Get Artistic Materials

Once you know what training you'll receive and the type of art you want to do, you'll need to get the material for the job.

See these acrylic box frames, for instance. You can use them if you go the physical art route and want a good frame to display your work. You'll also need the paint, canvas, and other items to work.

If you go the digital route, you'll need the right software. A 2D graphic artist can use paid programs like Photoshop or stick with open-source software. If you want to start with 3D art and video, there are options for that too.

Get a Job

If you plan to work independently as an artist, you may need to take a separate path. You'll probably need a filler job to give yourself the resources to make art on your own.

But if you plan to work for a company, your next step is to get a job. Your goal should be to look for an entry-level position at a larger company. It can be a firm with a creative department or an agency that takes on clients.

Once you get a job, you can learn from people in the field and advance your artistic career.

How to Become an Artist: Start Your New Path Today

Becoming an artist is a dream for many people. Unfortunately, many of those people believe there isn't enough money in the art world and will end up spending their life living paycheck to paycheck. However, that isn't the case.

There are plenty of options available in the art world that will allow you to create a good living and exercise your creating muscles. Now that you know how to become an artist, it's time to determine what path you want to take and get started.

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